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Unfortunately, the DR1-X repeater does not offer a LAN interface to be able to be connected directly to a network. Furthermore, its internal repeater control does not support DG-ID (System Fusion II).

However, the DR1-X with its [Control I/O] connector offers the option of using an external repeater control, for example an MMDVM modem.
This expansion can be carried out without interfering with the repeater hardware and turns the dr1-x into a full-fledged mmdvm repeater, which now also supports DG-ID (System Fusion II) and can be connected directly to a YCS server.

Required components

very good experiences have been made with the following hardware:

required parts for the connection cable:

  • 15pin D-Sub connector (male) (for connection to DR1-X [CONTROL I/O] connector)
  • 9pin D-Sub connector (male) (for connection to STM_DVM_USB MMDVM-Board)
  • piece of well-shielded cable

Please do not use a VGA screen cable, as not all of the required connections are usually contacted here.

Wiring of the connection cable

Please note the information in the following documents:

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