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YCS Server Overview

New features have been implemented on the YCS servers: a solution for connecting repeater bridges and hotspots using the C4FM / Yaesu Fusion 2 amateur radio digital protocol with excellent operational quality and customized configurations. It is a project developed by Kurt OE1KBC. In Italy the reference server is YCS222 and is interconnected with the BrandMeister 2222 network and the DMRPlus networkfor a complete and widespread presence on the territory. This C4FM reflector is available to all amateur radio colleagues and allows you to simplify connection management through a single and practical dashboard. Furthermore, if someone wants to do without managing their own YSF reflector, they can now easily rely on this system to continue normal operation with the new resources available. The YCS world reflectors are interconnected, so it is easily possible to make foreign QSOs as is already the case for the DMR and DSTAR world. Let's see in detail the operating procedures.

The operational dashboard of YCS222

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