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YCS Dashboard description - MATRIX

This page shows a matrix in which the DG-IDs booked by a client are clearly displayed.
X ⇒ booked DG-ID

The table columns contain the following content:

Column Description Notice
Nr. Table row number
ID Client-ID assigned by server
Repeater Client call sign
callsign (5) ⇒ heartbeat counter
FCSXXXxx-callsign ⇒ Client using FCS-Protocol (xx = connection DG-ID)
FCSXXXxx-number ⇒ IPSCLink (xx = DG-ID; number = IPSC-Identifier)
LYSF-XXXXX ⇒ YSFLink (XXXXX = YSF Identifier)
01 - 99 DG-ID Matrix X ⇒ booked DG-ID
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