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YCS Server

C4FM System Fusion II Multiprotocol Server

YCS was developed to support the various protocols that are available for the exchange of C4FM streams. The new System Fusion II IMRS (Internet-linked Multi-site Repeater System) protocol which is available for the new DR-2X YAESU-Repeater is also supported. This makes it possible to combine Repeaters and HOTSPOTS in one server.

YCS Server Documentation

Supported Hardware

Supported Protocols


  • This WIKI is to answer the questions of the YCS-Server users & operators. So that we know your questions please write to We will then respond immediately to these questions in the WIKI. Every question is a good question!
  • With the envelope sign on the right side of these pages you can edit “Manage Subscrition”. So it is possible that you automatically get an email when we expand a WIKI page. This keeps you always up to date with the information.
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