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SYSOP introduction

Several tables are available for controlling the YCS server. The tables are located in the /opt/YCS directory.

The tables can be edited with an editor. The YCSServer checks every 30 seconds whether a table has been changed and reads it in automatically if a change has taken place and include the new info to the running system.

So that the YCS server can be reached from a HOTSPOT (MMDVM, PiStar, OpenSpot), the YCS server must be registered in the YSFRegister system. This can be done via the page Please follow the scheme when registering so that the YCS can be found together with Serach “(YCS”).

For new features like YSFLink and FCSLink you need to download the YSFHosts.txt file.

An example would be following line in root's crontab, that fetches the reflector-list each 30 minutes:

sudo crontab -e

add following line:

*/30 * * * * wget -O /opt/YCS/YSFHosts.txt

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