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In the current version of the YCS server it is possible to create outgoing connections to YSFReflector systems (GITHUB G4KLX YSFReflector). Since the YSFRelector does not support groups, you can specify in ysflink.db to which DG-ID of the YCS server is connected. The DG-ID used in the transmission can also be determined. Should be set to “00” for YSFReflektor.

It is important that the YSFHosts.txt available in the INTRENET in the installation directory of the YCS server is read regularly. One suggestion is to do with a cron job.

This cron job run every 30 minutes:
*/30 * * * * wget -O /opt/YCS/YSFHosts.txt


# YCS: ysflinks.db
# Last Update: 28.09.2020 11:47 UTC

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