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YCS Dashboard description - REPEATER

This is the main page of the dashboard and shows a detailed overview of all connected clients and activities in real time.

The table columns contain the following content:

Column Description Notice
Nr. Table row number
Repeater Client call sign
callsign (5) ⇒ heartbeat counter
FCSXXXxx-callsign ⇒ Client using FCS-Protocol (xx = connection DG-ID)
FCSXXXxx-number ⇒ IPSCLink (xx = DG-ID; number = IPSC-Identifier)
LYSF-XXXXX ⇒ YSFLink (XXXXX = YSF Identifier)
Name Client QTH
YSF-Name (Interlink)
IPSC2-Name (Interlink)

IPSC2-Name (x/XX) ⇒ x = Timeslot / XX = Talkgroup
QRG Client QRG and frequency offset
ID Client ID assigned by server
DG-ID booked DG-ID's (statically)
booked DG-ID's (on-demand)

highlighted in yellow (with expiry timer) ⇒ activated by user
Name assigned name of used DG-ID
RX/TX currently active DG-ID highlighted in green ⇒ source
highlighted in orange ⇒ destination
highlighted in blue ⇒ DG-ID Hangtimer (30sec)
Mode DN / VW Only use DN-Mode (uses error correction and routing information)
TYPE Client Protocol Type DV-MTX ⇒ DVMatrix
YSF ⇒ YSF-Protocol
FCS ⇒ FCS-Protocol
YSF-LINK ⇒ YSF-Interlink
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